Discrimination in the Workplace (EEO)

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Discrimination Training is More Important than Ever

Last year, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) discrimination charges were the highest ever since the Agency’s founding nearly 50 years ago. Companies are now facing not only increased enforcement by the EEOC, but there are also more protected categories than ever to be aware of and new regulations concerning background checks. Discrimination training aids discrimination prevention by ensuring employees know what is considered discrimination, how to report suspected discrimination and that discrimination will not be tolerated.

EEO Training Programs Offer Protection

An effective discrimination training program can establish an “affirmative defense” to avoid liability in the event that an employee submits an EEO claim. That’s why we offer a thorough EEO training suite, so that your discrimination prevention work can build a strong EEO program within your organization. Implementing a thorough EEO training workshop can prevent costly and unnecessary claims from affecting your business and save you money in the long-run.  

EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention

The EEO Laws and Discrimination Training course explains the equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and is designed for all employees. The Preventing Discrimination Training covers categories protected by federal, state and local laws. It also explains prohibited employment practices, including unlawful harassment and discrimination, and details the investigation process and protection from retaliation.

EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention Supervisor Supplement

The supervisor supplement discrimination training is designed as a refresher for supervisory employees once the EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention for all employees course has been completed. This discrimination training course offers additional information that is crucial for supervisors including the life cycle of an employee, including interviewing, hiring, discipline and firing.

Discrimination Concepts Covered:

  • Course Benefits

  • May contribute to a strong affirmative defense in the event of a discrimination claim.

  • Educates employees on their responsibility to ensure compliance with EEO laws.

  • Teaches how to recognize and curb behavior that may lead to a discrimination claim.

  • Key Course Concepts

  • Spans the life cycle of an employee, from interviewing, hiring, discipline and firing.

  • Emphasizes early response to prevent possible discriminatory behaviors.

  • Explains EEO laws and defines important terms relating to protected categories and EEO laws.

  • Legal Coverage

  • Provides coverage of federal laws that prohibit discrimination in employment.

  • Explains how state and federal laws interact.

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

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