Data Security & Privacy

Data Security & Privacy Training

This course provides a solid foundation in vital security policies, procedures, and behaviors by using an interactive approach with real world examples that engages and challenges the learner....

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To be in compliance with PCI Data Security Standard audit requirements (Req. 12.6.1), organizations must conduct PCI awareness training.Workplace Answers comprehensive coverage of online and interactive PCI Security...

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Identity theft cases are growing each year and it is important that your organization is trained accordingly. Gone are the days when identity theft only steals information; they...

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You’ve put in place BYOD policies and device management systems, but are you sure your employees are protecting your information and systems when they use their mobile...

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Educating employees on safe remote and mobile computing practices is critical for protecting information and maintaining a trustworthy reputation with customers.This 25-minute course defines the risks of...

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Employees’ posts on industry-related or social networking sites and even personal blogs may unintentionally reveal trade secrets, insider information or describe the organization in a negative light.This course...

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Managing information effectively is important for an academic institution’s successful operation, but it is also a matter of legal compliance. This course teaches best practices in data handling...

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This course reviews email usage policy and provides guidelines for crafting precise and purposeful business emails that avoid legal issues. It provides employees with the best practices for...

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HIPAA requires covered entities to have a written security plan for handling protected health information (PHI) and to train employees appropriately. New legislation in 2009 had the effect...

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One of the popular policy-based courses Workplace Answers offers, this short course ensures that your entire workforce has read, acknowledged and agreed to abide by your organization’s Information...

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With the rapid increase in threats to information and resources, it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to ensure that all employees know how to safeguard sensitive information and...

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Protect Your Data & Your Organization

Data security is one of the biggest problems for any organization that has valuable information to protect - which means almost every organization. It seems like every week there is a new major cyber-security breech featured in the news - and there are many smaller data breeches every day that don't make the news.

Problems with data could drastically affect your organization:

  • Your reputation could be damaged if client data is leaked or falls into the wrong hands
  • Loss of a customer database may leave you unable to carry out day-to-day business practices
  • Most importantly, failure to adhere to data protection rules and regulations could result in legal action and a substantial fine

Workplace Answers' comprehensive Data Security & Privacy training solution to ensure compliance with data regulations, such as HIPPA and PCI Security Standards, as well as provide best practices for internet, data and device use in the office.

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