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Workplace Bullying and Violence Prevention

How many times do we hear of workplace violence tragedies in the news that could have been prevented if someone had reported the warning signs that lead to workplace violence?

Workplace Bullying and Violence Prevention training teaches employees how to recognize, report and defuse situations — involving tense coworkers, employees or third-parties — before they erupt into workplace violence. This course equips your employees with vital knowledge that could save lives in your workplace.

  • Teaches the major concepts of recognizing and preventing workplace bullying and violence
  • Prepares employees to spot warning signs and act early
  • Explains that rejection is often an impetus for violence
  • Discusses recognizing and responding to workplace bullying and violence
  • Covers early warning signs and how to intervene
  • Trains employees to prevent workplace violence before it occurs
  • Gives practical tips for preventing workplace violence
  • Defines key words such as Inappropriate Workplace Aggression, Bullying, Unlawful Harassment and Zero-Tolerance
  • Introduces Mobbing and social bullying
  • Demonstrates the importance of reporting potentially aggressive or violent situations

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