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Active Shooter Response Training

It’s difficult to acknowledge that violence sometimes enters the workplace. And when it does, it’s a nightmare for everyone involved. One of the most important things you can do is keep your employees safe.

But how do you do it? And how do you work with the police? Then, what happens after? Ensure your organization is prepared in the event of an active shooter with training from Workplace Answers.

  • English
  • Compelling, interactive scenarios put Learners in the characters’ places, making them think about how they would react.

  • iPad and tablet compatible capabilities mean that Learners can take the course anywhere!

  • Covers the basics of active shooter response for the corporate audience, including dealing with post-event trauma.

  • Instills in employees the importance of acting quickly for their own survival.

  • Compatible with tablets and iPads.

  • Animation, Audio and a Test

  • Preparation and event statistics.
  • The Escape, Hide, Fight method of active shooter response.
  • Seeking medical help and counseling post-event.

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