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Wage & Hour Law

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Federal Wage & Hour Laws for All Employees ›

Employment lawyers are in high demand as the down economy brings with it a rise in wage and hour claims, so aggressive prevention of wage and hour violations for all employers is more important now than ever...

Wage & Hour Laws for Supervisors ›

Federal law sets out specific Wage and Hour requirements, but when supervisors miscalculate time worked or misclassify compensatory time and overtime, organizations can face steep legal consequences...

California Wage & Hour Law ›

The fastest expanding risk in employment law are wage and hour class actions, already more numerous than all discrimination class actions combined, with state settlements of $25 million outpacing federal class action awards...

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Wage & Hour Training: Pays for Itself by Preventing Costly Violations

In 2011, the Department of Labor's (DOL) Wage and Hour Division recovered more than $130 million in back wages and over $4 million in civil monetary penalties related to wage violations, and enforcement efforts are increasing. The DOL has now started referring Wage & Hour cases directly to the ABA (American Bar Association), which increases litigation potential. Workplace Answers helps protect our clients from this fate by providing wage and hour training courses covering key wage and hour laws that can lead to large claims if not properly handled.

Thorough, Specialized Wage & Hour Training for Employees and Supervisors

Wage and Hour law contains some of the most complex regulations that HR has to deal with. Every state has a variety of specific wage & hour policies concerning the labor act law, prevailing wage and others; varying even by type, industry and/or sector of employer. Workplace Answers’ Wage and Hour training helps employees and supervisors understand their responsibilities under federal wage and hour laws by focusing on the top 7 high-litigation-risk areas. Our U.S. Wage and Hour Law training for Supervisors course is appropriate for all supervisors and covers federal law, including Labor Act law and prevailing wage.

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