Data Security and Privacy

PCI Awareness Training

To be in compliance with PCI Data Security Standard audit requirements (Req. 12.6.1), organizations must conduct PCI awareness training.

Workplace Answers' comprehensive coverage of online and interactive PCI Security Standards courses are designed keep you in compliance and training employees on how to effectively safeguard and protect payment card information. With informed employees that make better data protections decisions you will lower your risk and increase your bottom line.

Three PCI Courses Offered:

  • Point of Sale (15 minutes)
  • IT/Back Office (25 minutes)
  • Phone and Online (20 minutes)


  • Provides specific examples
  • Designed to keep you in compliance
  • Customizable to meet your organization’s needs
  • Recognizing fraud
  • DSS requirements
  • Payment card security features
  • Best practices for handling payment card information
  • Point of sale & back office scenarios
  • Knowledge Checks & Summary
  • Meets PCI DSS 2.0 Requirements

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