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Retail Customer Service

Customer Service for Retail Course

This course is 15 minutes and uses relatable, real story situations to drive home the learning points. Designed for the retail atmosphere, this course is mobile/iPad compatible and highly interactive.

Stories are followed by interactive scenarios that develop the learning points and add depth. They are illustrated with photos of the characters so your employees stay invested in the story, and don't get confused about who is who. Section wrap-ups also happen at the end of each section to quickly review the major topics in the section. 

  • Trains retail employees in basic customer service skills.
  • Familiarizes retail employees with common customer service situations.
  • The business importance of excellent customer service.
  • The Golden Rules of Customer Service.
  • Greetings and professionalism.
  • Common situations, including upset customers and remedies.
  • Farewells and check-out.

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