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Manager's Toolkit ›

See the Manager's Toolkit in Action One Library, Comprehensive Management Training: *Between your new managers and seasoned leadership, ongoing compliance training and professional development is a huge undertaking.  But it doesn't have to be.  Get convenient, comprehensive...

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) ›

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a legal minefield where one mistake from an untrained supervisor can create serious liability for the organization. This 45-minute FMLA course explains supervisors' responsibilities through the entire process...

Managing in a Recession ›

This 30-minute course teaches supervisors how to navigate the difficult challenges of layoffs, discipline and re-distributing workload during a down economy. Participants will learn how to keep top employees, rejuvenate morale and benefit the organization...

Discipline and Discharge ›

This interactive 30-minute tutorial-based course provides supervisors with specific, practical information regarding the disciplinary and termination-related laws of their own states...

Lawful Hiring and Guide to Interviewing ›

This highly interactive 45-minute course instructs supervisors and hiring managers on using interviewing strategically in order to discover the best job candidates in a legally compliant way...

Performance Evaluation Training ›

Focuses on teaching supervisors how to provide and deliver a lawful employee performance evaluation and provides your organization with the foundation for an effective performance evaluation system...

Customer Service for Retail ›

The Customer Service for Retailer course uses relatable, realistic situations to drive home its learning points. Designed for the retail atmosphere, this course is mobile/iPad compatible and highly interactive...

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Maximizing Your People Investment

Proper hiring is more complex than ever. Protect your organization from unlawful employment discrimination by training supervisors with critical tools to ensure lawful hiring, proper medical leave policies, and responsible discipline and discharge practices. Do your supervisors know how to find and retain the best talent while avoiding the legal troubles that can arise from discrimination? Discrimination prevention starts with ensuring your supervisors and hiring managers do not unknowingly create exposure for the company by training them on important hiring and firing best practices.

Human capital can be the largest investment a company makes. Your staff may be your most valued and necessary asset, but they also pose the highest potential financial risk. The process for recruiting, managing, and separating from employees is fraught with regulations and exposure. Assuring you hire and manage legally and effectively is a best practice for discrimination prevention.

Equal employment laws are clear and specific for every aspect of employment. Each step can be an opportunity to comply, or a potential claim or lawsuit.

Maximize your investment in human capital and mitigate its risks, with discrimination prevention training. Workplace Answers EEO training modules help you hire and manage legally and effectively in a marketplace laden with legislation and litigation.

Protecting Your Investment

While EEO training is important for Human Resource professionals to stay current with the law, it’s critical for supervisors. Your front-line team makes daily employment decisions that can impact the entire organization.

Online discrimination prevention training modules help your supervisory team understand the law and their individual role in compliance. We provide real-life scenarios and solutions to help them make smart decisions that are legal and enhance the bottom line.

Avoiding Discrimination with Performance Management Training

Our EEO training modules cover every aspect of employment, including:

  • Effective and legal Interviewing and hiring
  • Best practices for performance evaluating
  • Minimizing risk during discipline and discharge
  • FMLA compliance training, pre, post, and during leave strategies
  • Staff management during recessionary times

Preventing discrimination at every step of employment is more than a legal responsibility, it’s a smart business practice every company should employ.

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