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Unlawful Harassment Prevention Training

Unlawful harassment in the workplace accounts for employee dissatisfaction, lowered employee retention rates, financial losses, and legal claims that can negatively impact your organization’s image and business opportunities. Proper education on the definition and prevention of unlawful harassment helps guarantee a positive workplace culture and high employee morale.

How Does This Course Benefit Your Organization?

Our Unlawful Harassment Prevention Training Course was specifically created with your organization’s values in mind. We aim to help you create and maintain a harassment-free workplace environment, in which your employees know how to recognize and report potential harassment early on. In addition to addressing federal and state laws, our team of global compliance experts have created a “do-over” video approach that educates learners on workplace behavioral pitfalls and best practices. This highly-interactive course also features gamification via the Badge Challenge, which provides the learner opportunities to answer questions correctly, collect rewards, and is integrated with social media for further engagement.

Training for All Levels

Our Unlawful Harassment Prevention Training is AB 1825 and AB 2053 compliant. We understand that different employees within your organization require different levels of training. That is why we have created the following custom-tailored training for your employees, supervisors, and international employees.

  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention Training – All Employees

This course provides training to all your organization’s employees. It introduces your staff to harassment prevention law, the protected categories of workers, how to identify and stop unlawful harassment in the workplace, and outlines employee personal liability under the law.

  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention Supplemental Training – Supervisors

This course is designed for supervisors to complete after the standard training for all employees. This supplemental course covers supervisors’ responsibilities under the law, and it includes insights on how supervisors should identify and receive complaints.

  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention Training – International Employees

This course is designed for organization with employees in other countries. We introduce your workforce to harassment prevention laws in the workplace, your organization’s specific policy, and the navigation path on how to identify and stop unlawful harassment in the workplace.

Interactive Learning Experience

Our courses are easily accessible for all your employees. Our course design incorporates additional features to ensure learner comprehension while tracking progress at every step.

What Topics Do We Cover?

  • Definition of Unlawful Harassment
  • How to Identify and Resolve Harassment
  • Real-Life Harassment Cases
  • Why Harassment is Always Inappropriate
  • How to Avoid Retaliation

Our goal is to protect your organization from legal and financial risks. Contact us today for a free demo to see how Workplace Answers, an EVERFI company, can empower your employees with this course.

  • Video-format
  • Animation
  • Interactive games
  • iPad compatibility
  • Policy acceptance
  • English
  • Spanish

We also offer Compliance Tune-Ups (30-second to 3-minute courses) that help your employees practice and retain information after the initial course is completed. In these courses, we do not simply provide bullet point summaries.  We incorporate interactive games, cartoons, and vignettes based on real-world scenarios which ensure that these lessons will be as engaging as possible.

  • Respect in the Workplace Parts I, II, III, IV – Enforce a respectful workplace culture by educating your employees on how to prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace. We discuss the standards for diversity and inclusion in the workplace environment, and how to abide by them.

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