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The protected categories are the foundation of employment law. Federal and state legislatures have determined that individuals in these categories should be given special protection. This course is a complete corporate compliance training program, but it is also a supplement to the Sexual Harassment Prevention training. Compliance training in the protected categories is also required for corporate compliance with federal guidelines.

  • Adds additional practice in harassment and discrimination prevention for protected categories beyond sex/gender
  • Helps supervisors recognize and prevent possible harassment and discrimination
  • Presents a time-effective way to build on sexual harassment prevention, giving supervisors exposure to the broader field of unlawful harassment prevention
  • Defines unlawful harassment comprehensively
  • Emphasizes how to identify and resolve instances of harassment
  • Explains when 'lawful' discrimination and harassment is inappropriate
  • Covers federal and state laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination based on categories other than sex/gender, including religion, age, disability, genetic information, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, and more
  • Includes new and emerging protected categories
  • Provides key legal concepts and best practices applicable to all discrimination and harassment
  • Covers the standards used to determine when behavior is unlawful
  • Describes how the complaint process works
  • Includes specifics on retaliation and its consequences
  • Demonstrates the role of the supervisor in keeping the workplace free from harassment

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