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Maine Employees Sexual Harassment Training

Maine: The Leader in Sexual Harassment Prevention

Maine is the forerunner in sexual harassment prevention initiatives, as it was the first state to mandate workplace sexual harassment training. Maine also continues to set the highest standard in sexual harassment training, requiring that all companies with at least 15 employees provide training to both supervisors and regular employees.

Our Sexual Harassment Prevention course is compliant for both supervisor and employee training. It satisfies Maine’s Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807, which requires all employees receive sexual harassment training. Our sexual harassment course is also designed to comply with specific distinctions on what must be included in training for supervisors and managers.

Our sexual harassment prevention course includes valuable information to meet and exceed Maine’s training requirements:

  • The definition and illegality of sexual harassment under both state and federal law
  • A description of sexual harassment, which utilizes relatable examples and scenarios
  • The legal recourses available through the State of Maine’s Human Rights Commission, and directions on how to contact the commission
  • The internal process available to every employee

Although Maine does not specifically require interactive training, or a minimum duration of time, the commission has said that interactive training is considered to be the most effective. All of our courseware, including the Sexual Harassment Training for Maine Employees, is highly interactive and effective in training an organization’s workforce.

Sexual Harassment Training is Invaluable

Organizations face the threat of costly penalties that may result due to violation of Maine’s sexual harassment training statue. Both the State of Maine’s Human Rights Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may get involved to ensure criminal charges and monetary fees if sexual harassment prevention law is not complied with. Workplace sexual harassment training is absolutely necessary for an “Affirmative Defense” against courtroom scrutiny.

  • Meets all Maine training requirements
  • Educates supervisors to recognize potential harassment early
  • Explains the necessity of early reporting
  • Sends a strong message that the organization won’t tolerate sexual harassment
  • Defines and provides examples of sexual harassment
  • Explains the legally protected categories
  • Details who the law covers, including third parties
  • Covers the right way to report, and how to handle confidentiality
  • Provides specifics on retaliation and whistleblower protection
  • Covers Maine-specific state laws and explains how they interact with federal laws.
  • Title VII
  • Equal Pay Act (EPA)
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Amendments Act (ADAAA)
  • Genetic Information Discrimination Act (GINA)
  • Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

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