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Connecticut Employees Sexual Harassment Training

Preventing Sexual Harassment in Connecticut

Connecticut was the second state to require workplace measures in preventing sexual harassment. The Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities Act mandates that all employers, including state and political subdivisions, with 50 or more employees provide sexual harassment training. Our Sexual Harassment Course for Connecticut Employers complies with the various Connecticut law distinctions on what must be covered in training for supervisors, managers and partners.

The Connecticut- customized sexual harassment course fulfills and exceeds all distinctions of Connecticut law for preventing sexual harassment in several ways:

- Defines sexual harassment under Connecticut law (Connecticut General Statute Section 46a-54-204)
- Satisfies Connecticut’s two hour sexual harassment training requirement
- Instructs strategies for preventing sexual harassment
- Explains the risk of both civil and criminal penalties of sexual harassment
- Details specific responsibilities of supervisory and managerial employees when it comes to preventing sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Training: Online is Better for Everyone

Online sexual harassment courses are expressly allowed to fulfill Connecticut’s sexual harassment training requirements.  This is great news for employers and HR professionals, because online sexual harassment training is convenient, consistent and compliant.  Our online training allows an employee to work at their individual pace, while maintaining the minimum time requirement of two hours.

Although sexual harassment training is legally required for only managers and supervisors in Connecticut, training of all employees is recommended under both state and federal law. Employers are also advised to consider an employee’s actual duties, rather than job title, when assessing whether an employee should take sexual harassment training. Regardless of any employee’s title, our online sexual harassment course will benefit both the individual and the entire organization.

  • Meets all Connecticut (Connecticut General Statutes, Section 46a-54-204) training requirements
  • Educates employees to recognize harassment early
  • Teaches employees their role in fostering a harassment-free environment
  • Sends a strong message that harassment will not be tolerated by the organization
  • Explains the necessity of reporting potential harassment promptly
  • Defines and provides examples of sexual harassment
  • Explains the legally-protected categories
  • Details who the law covers, including students and third parties
  • Provides specifics on retaliation and whistleblower protections
  • Federal harassment and discrimination laws, including Title VII and Title IX
  • Select state and local laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination, including Connecticut’s Discriminatory Employment Practices Law
  • Key concepts from U.S. Supreme Court cases related to harassment

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