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The Workplace Answers Respect and Inclusion diversity training series is designed to explore broader topics in the area of diversity programs. Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce requires an inclusive company culture – one that values and prioritizes respectful language, honors cultural traditions, and addresses the emerging needs of under-represented groups of employees. These short diversity training modules cover the multitude of diversity issues facing organizations today and are designed to be rotated throughout the year to keep your diversity training fresh in the minds of staff and demonstrate management's commitment to this very important concept.

diversity trainingDiversity Training that Sticks

This awareness training series go beyond our standard workplace diversity training modules to take you farther than just managing diversity in the workforce. Our 20-minute classes explore a wider range of workplace diversity training topics to help you keep diversity issues top of mind throughout the year.

There’s more to workplace diversity training than a single class. The responsibilities and pressures of day-to-day operations often lead us to put more abstract issues on the back burner. Diversity initiatives can be one of those. Relegated to a “when I have time” mentality, they may never reemerge after an initial diversity training class.

The Respect and Inclusion Series helps remind staff and managers that workplace diversity is a business necessity every day; before problems arise, to maintain a proactive position, and as a reminder that we work in a global community.  Rotate the Respect and Inclusion modules throughout the year to keep diversity awareness training at the forefront of your business planning.

What is Covered by the Respect and Inclusion Workplace Diversity Training Series?

These workplace diversity training modules cover a broad range of topics including, the challenges facing diverse workers, competing in a global economy, seeking out biases, and more. The following workplace diversity programs make up our Respect and Inclusion series:  

Compliance Tune-Up Available

Compliance Tune-ups offer short courses (from 30 seconds to a few minutes), entertaining communications, games, cartoons, and vignettes based on real-life situations that help learners practice and retain information after the initial course is completed. Available Compliance Tune-Ups for this course include: 

  • Respect in the Workplace Parts I, II, III, IV - Across this series, we will cover the prevention of Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation and generally explain why Respect for others and Diversity are good. Good for people, good for companies. It will also show the negative consequences when such standards are not met.

Your emphasis on the benefits of a diverse workforce translates into increased morale and productivity and higher levels of commitment from staff and customers. Reinforce your commitment to a culture of inclusion with year-round coursework on workplace diversity.

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