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Workplace Diversity: Hiring

Hiring High Quality Diverse Candidates

Enrich your employees and improve your bottom line

The hiring process presents a tremendous opportunity for your organization to increase diversity. Training your hiring managers to hold proper interviews with diverse applicants is essential so they can be sensitive to differences in cultural traditions and perceptions regarding resume structure and interview expectations. But workplace diversity training goes beyond racial and cultural diversity. Training also educates your supervisors and employees about emerging subjects, like being inclusive to all ages, all gender identifications, and all height and weight variations.

Presenting your hiring managers with our online Hiring High Quality Diverse Candidates course will quickly generate a workforce of talented, motivated new-hires to push your organization forward. As Ireland’s Chief Executive Officer of the Equality Authority, Niall Crowley, explains, diversity training will lead to higher “productivity, increased workplace innovation and lower employee turnover.” To stay competitive, organizations must embrace equality and diversity.

Before You Can Hire Diverse Applicants, First You Have to Find Them

Our diversity training guide for hiring presents supervisors with advice on how to find applicants with a variety of backgrounds, experience,s and expertise.

Hiring managers will learn:

  • How and where to place effective employment ads by employing word-of-mouth and community networks, as well as conventional job-posting outlets
  • Guidance about remaining open and understanding of various cultural differences regarding the application and interview processes
  • Strategies to create an inclusive environment before applicants even step foot in the office

Cultural Diversity Training is an Investment

According to the federal Glass Ceiling Commission’s study, which revealed many benefits of fostering a fair and welcoming workplace, diversity training engenders organizations that “will experience better financial performance in the long run than organizations which are not effective in managing diversity."

Your hiring managers are guiding the future of your workforce, so set your organization on the path to success by offering Workplace Answers’ Hiring High Quality Diverse Candidates and the rest of our online diversity training courses.

  • Focuses on the goal of hiring high quality diverse candidates, including how and where to recruit
  • Shows how diversity contributes to productivity and an organization's bottom line
  • Explains the benefits of having a diverse workforce
  • Explains common pitfalls to be avoided and how to keep the best once hired
  • Roadmaps the 'whys' and 'hows' of increasing and retaining any organization's diverse workforce
  • Teaches applicant screening techniques
  • Includes best practices recruitment tips and hiring strategies
  • Teaches about types of diversity protected by law
  • Explains how to avoid cultural misunderstandings that could cause an organization to miss an ideal candidate

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