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Compliance Tune-Up Short Courses

The next level of compliance training is available off-the-shelf or fully customized to meet your business needs. Awareness and retention increase with more frequent training and reminders. Doesn’t that make sense? Compliance Tune-ups offer short courses (from 30 seconds to a few minutes), entertaining communications, games, cartoons, and vignettes based on real-life situations.

How to use Compliance Tune Ups

  • Link to your Policies
  • Refresh your Compliance Program
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Communicate new Risks
  • Embed in Training Presentations

Available Tune-up Courses

Gifts, Travel & Entertainment (Avatar-style)

Let our avatar, Maria, guide you through the basic rules of giving and receiving Gifts, Travel or Entertainment. Ask about our customization services – we can create an avatar just for you! Wouldn’t it be cool to see you CEO or CCO in full animation?

3rd Party Risks (Anti-Corruption / Export)

Quite a lot of risk seems to come from your 3rd Parties, including Corruption, Export and many other risks.  So, let’s understand what needs to be done to reduce those risks!

Travel & Entertainment with Family Members

Another short course on Gifts, Travel & Entertainment? Yes! Such a common problem area, this entertaining course may help you avoid trouble.

Who is a Foreign Govt Official?

“How can she be a Govt Official – she’s a doctor?!?!” Just a quick reminder of the many people that can be Government Officials. Remember, they require more scrutiny when you work with them.

Export Alert Game!

Play the Export Alert Game to make sure you understand what you can, and cannot do in the world of global trade. Sometimes you’ll be surprised! BTW, let us know if you like the music.

Can You Export? (Game)

Answer questions correctly to wrap, address, stamp and get a package ready for export! Check out the Workplace Answers courier truck!

Red Flags & Third Parties

You can never get enough examples of those pesky Red Flags! In today’ business climate, you’ll need to recognize red flags and know what do when you see one, including calling on your Legal or Compliance department. See some real life examples and reduce your global risks!

Social Media Risks

You don’t want to hear this: “Hold on, I’m Tweeting our financial results….” This short course reminds you of the etiquette, risks and best practices for social media: Facebook, Twitter, blogs – you name it!

Respect in the Workplace Parts I, II, III, IV

Across this series, we will cover the prevention of Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation and generally explain why Respect for others and Diversity are good. Good for people, good for companies. It will also show the negative consequences when such standards are not met.

Privacy (Data Transfer Game)

In global companies, it’s natural to send data around the world – but can you? We’ll remind you of some of the basic rules on Data Transfer so you don’t violate the big rules.

InfoSec Alert Game (Privacy)

Info, data, more info, more data. How do you keep them secure? Play this fun game and you’ll learn more about keeping things safe.

Conflicts of Interest Alert! (Game)

“What do you mean you also work for another company? Who are your loyalties with – us or them?” Learn some basic principles on identifying, disclosing and avoiding Conflicts of Interest.

InfoSec/Privacy Clean Desk Game

Information Security starts with you! Take a look at your desk and make sure you know how to keep information where it belongs!

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