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Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest Courseconflicts of interest

This course teaches employees how to identify and avoid conflicts and potential conflicts of interest in the workplace.

This online training module is designed to address a broad array of ethical issues that employees may encounter in the course of their work.It demonstrates how personal and professional interests could conflict, and how employees are expected to manage those conflicts.

Compliance Tune-Up Available

Compliance Tune-ups offer short courses (from 30 seconds to a few minutes), entertaining communications, games, cartoons, and vignettes based on real-life situations that help learners practice and retain information after the initial course is completed. Available Compliance Tune-Ups for this course include: 

  • Conflict of Interest Alert! (Game) - “What do you mean you also work for another company? Who are your loyalties with – us or them?” Learn some basic principles on identifying, disclosing and avoiding Conflicts of Interest.
  • Real life cases, knowledge checks, graded quiz
  • Educates employees about potential conflicts of interest
  • Teaches employees when and how to report problems
  • Helps educate employees on their responsibility of loyalty to the organization and when outside interests could pose a conflict
  • What is a conflict of interest
  • Accepting gifts and entertainment
  • Duty of loyalty
  • Outside activities
  • Financials interests
  • Family and personal relationships
  • Reporting
  • Summary
  • Quiz
  • Explains what actions are potential conflicts of interest and how to avoid them
  • Guides employees in making appropriate decisions related to gifts and entertainment offered and received in the course of business
  • Teaches how to spot red flags and report conflicts
  • Chinese (Simplified Mandarin)

  • Czech

  • English

  • French (Parisian)

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Polish

  • Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • Russian

  • Slovenian

  • Spanish (Castilian)

  • Spanish (Latin American)

  • Thai

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