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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Coursecode of conduct

A code of conduct sets forth standards and establishes expectations for employee behavior in the workplace. Employee adherence to your company's code of conduct is essential to maintaining and furthering a reputation of integrity and high business ethics. Workplace Answers' interactive online course enhances employees’ ethical problem-solving skills and ensures that they read and agree to adhere to your organization’s code of conduct. Our SLATE Learning Management System allows you to track policy acceptance and course completion in real time.

What is your Corporate Persona?

How is your company viewed in the marketplace? Do your employees conduct themselves with integrity and responsible business practices? Your corporate reputation is on the line with every interaction and transaction your staff makes. Are you confident they perform in an ethical, responsible manner? Do they consider that their practices may harm your corporate reputation, as well as their own?

The case for ethics in business grows every day. Successful companies that maintain ethics in the marketplace command brand loyalty and respect. The action of any member of your staff has the potential to tarnish or enhance the reputation you work so hard to develop and protect. Code of Conduct training from Workplace Answers can guide your employees to make the right choices, even when they are not the easiest choices.

What Does Code of Conduct Training Cover?

Our Code of Conduct training course establishes and verifies your expectations for employee behavior in the workplace. It covers ethical problems with scenarios that challenge your employees to consider the larger issues and the consequences of their actions. The Code of Conduct training outlines conflicts that may arise and solutions for dealing with them:

  • Recognizing and reporting conflicts of interest
  • The responsibility to protect organizational assets and opportunities
  • Best practices for maintaining confidentiality
  • The potential dangers of gifts including entertaining, loans, and favors
  • Protecting privacy, information, and data

Protecting your Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity is only as strong as its weakest link. Protect your business with our interactive, online training modules. Proper training ensures that your staff has read, understands, and agrees to adhere to the codes of conduct that protect your corporation and its reputation every day.

Compliance Tune-Up Available

Compliance Tune-ups offer short courses (from 30 seconds to a few minutes), entertaining communications, games, cartoons, and vignettes based on real-life situations that help learners practice and retain information after the initial course is completed. Available Compliance Tune-Ups for this course include: 

  • Respect in the Workplace Parts I, II, III, IV - Across this series, we will cover the prevention of Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation and generally explain why Respect for others and Diversity are good. Good for people, good for companies. It will also show the negative consequences when such standards are not met.

  • 30 Minutes
  • Instructs participants on confidentiality and best practices
  • Teaches participants to recognize and report conflicts of interest
  • Role Plays, Graded Quiz, and Course Certificate
  • Explains the business case for ethics
  • Covers employees' requirement to protect organizational assets and opportunities
  • Details the dangers of giving or accepting gifts, entertainment, loans, or favors
  • Addresses information privacy and data protection
  • Compliance with laws & regulation
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Antitrust & fair competition
  • Anti-bribery & corruption
  • Export & trade compliance
  • U.S. government business
  • Diversity / Harassment / Mutual respect
  • Privacy & data protection
  • Social media
  • Protecting confidential information & IP
  • Environment, health & safety
  • Reporting violations / Non-retaliation



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