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Code of Conduct & Business Ethics

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Code of Conduct | Employee Training ›

A code of conduct sets forth standards of behavior and establishes expectations for employee behavior in the workplace. Employee adherence is essential to maintaining integrity and high business ethics...

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Basics ›

Our Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) online training course provides the important information your employees need to know to maintain compliance...

Conflicts of Interest | Training ›

Our Conflict of Interest course teaches employees how to identify and avoid conflicts and potential conflicts of interest in the workplace...

Ethics in the Workplace | Training ›

Organizations that support ethics initiatives consistently show more productivity and retention than those that consider corporate ethics merely an issue of compliance...

Ethical Sales & Marketing ›

This course educates employees on the basics of ethical marketing, advertising, and sales practices. It covers laws that apply to both sales and marketing professionals…

Careful Communications ›

Your paper and electronic records create a trail that can get you in trouble. Protect yourself and your company with careful communications training.

Social Media Compliance ›

When it comes to social media, your workforce must be aware of what they post and how it impacts them and your company. Teach them with social media training.

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Companies that enforce ethics initiatives consistently show more productivity and employee retention than those that consider corporate ethics just an issue of compliance. Workplace Answers' Code of Conduct and Ethics training courses help employees confront real-life workplace behavior and familiarize them with Code of Conduct and ethics policies. It's designed to help employees understand their personal obligations and the consequences of violations.

Beyond Compliance

The case for training employees on ethics in the workplace grows every day. While many consider the need to regulatory compliance the limit of their corporate responsibility, companies that conduct business with integrity and ethics garner loyalty from their staff and consumers. The challenge for companies today is to conduct business in a responsible manner, with an eye on the bottom line.

The Value of Your Reputation

Your corporate reputation is a valuable commodity. High performing talent wants to work for a company they can be proud of and that earns their respect. Consumers want to do business with vendors that exhibit corporate responsibility and integrity. The bottom line for many companies is that corporate ethics translate into brand loyalty, high morale, and greater productivity. All these factors contribute to a healthy bottom line.

Walk the Talk

The challenge companies face is how to incorporate ethics from the board room to the production line. The answer is training. Workplace Answers' Code of Conduct, Confidentiality and Trade Secrets, Ethics in the Workplace programs, and more from our conduct training suite emphasize your commitment to integrity and corporate responsibility. Our interactive training modules use the real-life workplace behaviors and scenarios your staff confronts every day to help them act responsibly and ethically.

What Should Ethics Programs Cover?

The Ethics in the Workplace Suite covers many scenarios your staff might encounter around such topics as:

Underscore your commitment to an ethical business model and emphasize each employee’s role in achieving that goal with ethics training from Workplace Answers.

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