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Though some may say bullying is a recent trend, the reality is that bullying is not a new phenomenon. However, with the increase of popular social media sites, phones with cameras and internet access, bullying has taken a new, and unfortunate, turn. With this new technology, victims of bullying are now bullied not only at school or work, but at their homes as well.

Because of the increased opportunities for bullies to reach their victims, it is more important than ever that organizations have a solid bullying prevention program in place. A bullying prevention program should aim not only to decrease the number of bullying incidents that take place at a workplace, but should also aim to educate employees on what is and is not bullying, what to do if they feel bullied and what will be done if it’s found that they are bullying another employee.

A bullying prevention program will only be successful if the management team is engaged and supportive of the program so because of that, members of management should have a more intense training on the organization’s bullying prevention program and should be clear on their role to create an environment where bullying is not tolerated. The specifics of the bullying prevention program should be communicated from management widely and in various mediums- in written form via posters and signs in common areas, in verbal form during staff meetings and performance reviews and from a third party, via an anti-bullying training program.

When a thorough bullying prevention program is in place, communicated widely and taken serious by members of the management team, employees will feel safer at their workplace and hopefully, bullies will be discouraged from bringing their negative actions into the workplace.

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