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Gifts and favors are sometimes necessary for businesses to develop relationships between vendors, clients, and partners. However, policies and limits need to be in place to avoid compliance and ethical pitfalls. Workplace Answers’ Gifts, Travel and Entertainment short course educates employees on the ethics of giving and receiving gifts, favors and entertainment in the workplace. Additionally, the course presents a unique way of looking at these troublesome compliance and ethics topics in a global business environment.

By using practical, real life examples and focusing on reasonable expenses, business justifications, and common trouble spots; your employees will achieve a firm understanding of the subject matter and be equipped to find solutions for handling the challenges of their everyday jobs.

Because each company has its own policy stating what gift value may be acceptable, this course allows you to set your own gift maximum throughout the course. Also, because various people may handle ethics concerns or questions in the workplace, the course lets you specify who that person is within your company.

Compliance Tune-Ups Available

Compliance Tune-ups offer short courses (from 30 seconds to a few minutes), entertaining communications, games, cartoons, and vignettes based on real-life situations that help learners practice and retain information after the initial course is completed. Available Compliance Tune-Ups for this course include: 

  • Gifts, Travel & Entertainment (Avatar-style) - Let our avatar, Maria, guide you through the basic rules of giving and receiving Gifts, Travel or Entertainment. Ask about our customization services – we can create an avatar just for you! Wouldn’t it be cool to see you CEO or CCO in full animation?

  • Travel & Entertainment with Family Members - Another short course on Gifts, Travel & Entertainment? Yes! Such a common problem area, this entertaining course may help you avoid trouble.

  • Teaches employees how to recognize when gifts and favors are improper
  • Explains when gifts and favors may be acceptable
  • Stresses the importance of creating a corruption-free workplace
  • Defines gifts and favors
  • Covers inappropriate entertainment
  • Explains what constitutes as kickbacks
  • Identifies special considerations regarding public/government employees
  • Gives examples of court cases highlighting gifts and favors ethical issues in the workplace
  • U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
      • English

The Gifts, Travel & Entertainment (Avatar-style) Tune-Up Course available in:

  • Chinese (Simplified Mandarin)
  • Chinese (Traditional Mandarin)
  • English
  • Japanese




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