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Harassment & Discrimination ›

Harassment training, sexual harassment prevention training and discrimination training are the cornerstones of any compliance training program...

Code of Conduct & Ethics ›

Companies that support ethics initiatives consistently show more productivity and employee retention than organizations that consider corporate ethics merely an issue of compliance...

Diversity & Inclusion ›

Organizations that embrace workplace diversity training and actively promote effective diversity courses have a distinct competitive advantage...

Global Export & Trade ›

Designed for any global company—from businesses attempting to stay current with U.S. export laws to corporations implementing a remediation plan in the wake of an export-related violation...

Data Security & Privacy ›

Data security is one of the biggest problems for any organization that has valuable information to protect , which includes just about every organization...

Anti-Corruption | FCPA ›

We offer training for anti-corruption, FCPA compliance, OECD and the UK Bribery Act, both as a global approach and for companies that focus primarily on business within the United States...

Antitrust Compliance ›

Through practical, everyday business scenarios, your employees will discover best practices in fair competition and learn how to identify high-risk antitrust situations...

Wage & Hour ›

In 2011, the Department of Labor's (DOL) Wage and Hour Division recovered more than $130 million in back wages and over $4 million in civil monetary penalties related to wage violations, and enforcement efforts are increasing...

Performance Management ›

Protect your organization from unlawful employment discrimination by training supervisors with critical tools to ensure lawful hiring, proper medical leave policies, discipline and discharge practices...

Workplace Safety ›

You can help protect your employees from injury and illness with training that increases safety awareness and promotes safe behaviors...

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All the Training You Need: Convenient, Accessible, and Compliant.

We take the hassle and maintenance out of compliance training. You get what you need — a complete online compliance training solution  personalized to your specific needs and audiences, with no hidden fees, and no gotchas. Our catalog of online courses covers important topics such as diversity programs, harassment training, discrimination training, sexual harassment training, corporate ethics training and more. 

Thousands of corporations, universities and government agencies across America know that Workplace Answers delivers best-in-class online compliance training courses. Our engaging, current content meets your compliance needs, affirms your commitment to preventing workplace harassment and discrimination, encourages workplace diversity and provides an affirmative defense in the event of an EEO or other employment law claim.

Millions of employees nationwide complete our compliance training courses each year, and we are committed to meeting our clients' various training needs, such as employment law, data security and privacy, on-the-job safety, workplace ethics, and even managerial training such as performance evaluation, discipline and discharge, and online case management for anonymous reporting of infringements and process management from that point forward.

Your HR staff and administrators can easily track policy acceptance and training course completion online in real time through our SLATE Learning Management System (LMS). We provide completion rates and verifications, monthly reports, retraining reminders and more.

We’re proud to boast a 90% plus client retention rate.

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Why wait for the courses you need to come to your area or shut down departments as you send your staff off-site for training? Workplace Answers training is online and available whenever your staff is free. Our coursework caters to your timetable, not ours.


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