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New Release: Ethical Sales and Marketing

Posted by Liz Williams on 2 April 2014 |

Austin, TX - Workplace Answers continues to add to its Ethics suite, with a new Gifts & Favors course, and now with Ethical Sales and Marketing.This new iPad/Tablet compatible course covers key Ethical situations in both Sales and Marketing.

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New Course Release: Ethics - Gifts and Favors

Posted by Liz Williams on 7 March 2014 |

Watch Fixed
Austin, TX - Workplace Answers is proud to announce the release of a new Ethics course, "Gifts and Favors."

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Whistleblower Protections Extended by Supreme Court

Posted by Liz Williams on 6 March 2014 |

Supreme Court
The Supreme Court voted 6-3 in a decision that extends whistleblower protections to contract workers and potentially many more.

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New Course Release: Data Security & Privacy Courses Added

Posted by Liz Williams on 3 February 2014 |

Austin, TX - Workplace Answers is proud to release a new set of Data Security & Privacy courses. As personal cell phones, tablets, smart watches and other mobile devices become more prevalent in the workplace, Workplace Answers is taking the initiative in providing compliance training for information security.

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Obama Task Force Targets Sexual Assault on Campus

Posted by Liz Williams on 22 January 2014 |

blog obama
As the Department of Education continues to meet on Rulemaking for the Campus SaVE Act, the White House has published a report titled "Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action."

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New Course Release: US Wage and Hour Redesigned for Supervisors

Posted on 18 February 2013 |

Austin, Texas – In 2011 alone, the Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division recovered over $130 million in back wages and more than $4 million in civil monetary penalties due to Labor Act Law violations.

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New Course Release: UHP for Higher Education

Posted on 6 February 2013 |

Austin, Texas – Recent studies and headlines reveal that unlawful harassment is a significant, growing problem on higher education campuses across the nation. In an effort to arm campuses with an affirmative defense, Workplace Answers has revamped their “Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Higher Education Staff”  course with professional audio to...

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New Release: Child Abuse and Molestation Awareness and Prevention in Texas

Posted on 21 January 2013 |

Austin, Texas – Recent high-profile cases have amplified a nationwide need for higher education employees to receive child abuse training. Texas and many other states have now mandated child abuse training requirements meaning failure to recognize and report child abuse can result in serious consequences.

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New Course Release: “Workplace Bullying and Violence Prevention”

Posted on 21 January 2013 |

Austin, Texas – Workplace bullying is an eminent nationwide issue that affects an estimated 53.5 million Americans. Legal measures to prevent bullying in the workplace have been legislated, and will result in costly consequences for employers who fail to enact proper violence and bullying prevention programs. Workplace Answers’ (workplaceanswers.com) latest...

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Workplace Answers Refines its Family and Medical Leave Act Course

Posted on 20 December 2012 |

Austin, Texas – Workplace Answers’ (workplaceanswers.com) latest release is a refined Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) course The FMLA training course enhances Workplace Answers best in class discrimination training by teaching supervisors up-to-date legal requirements to ensure organizations comply with FMLA.

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