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Last year, more than 10,000 employers faced civil EEO lawsuits with an average settlement of over $900,000. Companies can prevent and protect themselves from employment lawsuits and EEO claims with compliance training for both supervisors and employees.


This presentation will discuss compliance training best practices that help ensure employers and their managers are creating a positive, legal, and respectful work environment. Complete the form to view the free webinar recording.


- How training can prevent harassment & discrimination claims

- The cost & risks of not training or inadequate training

- Avoiding common legal compliance pitfalls

- The key features of great HR compliance training programs

- The subjects that must be covered

- Tracking training completion and policy acceptance



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Human Resources and management needs to be especially vigilant given the recent increase in EEO enforcement, expansion of retaliation protection and addition of new protected categories. Workplace Answers works with clients to anticipate any areas which might present problems or liability for an organization and then provide training that will protect the organization and its employees. Request a demo to learn more about our compliance training solutions.

Presented by Lynn D. Lieber, Esq.
Employment lawyer & legal advisor to Workplace Answers, LLC

Host(s): David Moore

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