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Why do thousands of companies across the globe trust Workplace Answers to train millions of employees, supervisors and executives?

It’s the unique way Workplace Answers approaches online training from course conception to employee completion and every step in between. We bring cutting-edge courseware—that’s ready for international deployment—and the latest training techniques together with a dedicated professional services team to transform the way you educate your workforce.

Reduce Risk

Led by compliance experts and former in-house attorneys, the subject matter experts at Workplace Answers have extensive experience in both online and in-person compliance training.

Each expert has spent years—both at headquarters and in the field—drafting compliance policies and procedures for companies across globe, along with effective e-learning courses that explain them without any legalese. Our experts are leaders in the field of compliance - specifically, in effective and practical compliance training for employees and global third parties and partners.  

Additionally, Workplace Answers’ training courses are proven to provide an affirmative legal defense that has withstood the test of intense courtroom scrutiny. In fact, Jackson Lewis—a leading workplace law firm with over 700 attorneys—has selected Workplace Answers as their sole compliance training partner.

Since our courses are highly interactive, learners won’t be able to just press play and walk away without actually participating. Our training reports give training coordinators a clearer picture of the next steps they should take and allow them to see who is actually going through the programs and who might need a reminder. These reports also stand as solid evidence that your organization is doing everything in its power to make its training initiative a success.

No other compliance training company matches the depth and quality of content offered by Workplace Answers. Our online compliance training provides the most compelling and interactive solution in the industry, educating workforces on anti-corruption laws, antitrust regulations, business ethics, discrimination prevention, harassment prevention, export compliance and so much more.

Train Anywhere

Workplace Answers deploys all of its training courses through its own learning management system (LMS). Delivered directly to your employees’ desktops anywhere in the world, our eLearning courses are easy for any employee—no matter their technical expertise—to open and navigate.

Our LMS allows you to access your courses through a simple link that runs in most browsers without a hardware or software overhaul, nor is there a need to maintain complicated IT systems. Tracking learner participation is easy, so you can see who is taking the courses and how close they are to finishing their training.

If your organization already utilizes its own LMS, but you would like to train with Workplace Answers' custom content, our courses can be deployed through a variety of learning management systems, including SCORM and AICC.   

With Workplace Answers, you deal with a dedicated account manager, who serves as your single point of contact for any questions or clarifications related to your custom training bundle or for services like adding more training options to your account. They’re just a phone call or email away if you need them.

Engage Learners

We use rigorous standards of instructional design to create interactive training programs that actively engage your employees. You won’t find any lectures, dry legalese or dense theory-speak—just practical training courses that provide useful everyday examples to clarify risks and identify easy-to-follow solutions. 

Our online courses promote user participation with interactive elements, such as rollovers, links, pop-up windows, videos and graphics. Thoughtful role-playing exercises, matching games, and more punctuate the relaxed, conversational narration. These games—known as gamification—help learners practice skills and simulate correct responses. They are also a helpful way to show the learner how much progress they’ve made by testing knowledge.

Additionally, we use scaffolding—a technique which requires building information progressively throughout the course, beginning with foundational topics before moving to more complex topics. Segmentation is another evidence-based instructional design method we use in our courses. Learners absorb complex material most effectively when it is divided into manageable chunks. So rather than presenting information in a long, unbroken stream, our courseware uses thoughtful section breaks which divide information, and allow learners to take a pause between modules.

Plus, we have Section 508 compliant course offerings for people with disabilities. Our accessibility courses will supply non-sighted users with all the necessary contextual information to navigate the interactive slides, answer story-based questions and complete the course with ease.

A policy acceptance feature or short quiz at the end of the training requires learners to attest that they have read and understood the course, ensuring maximum compliance and legal protection for our organization. At the end of the course, learners receive a Certificate of Completion to verify that they have completed the course.

Protect Your Organization with Our Online Compliance Training

If you are not sure which online training courses best suit your organization’s needs, our Workplace Answers representatives will guide you through the process. From sexual harassment prevention training to anti-corruption training, our online compliance courses can reduce your risk.

Our representatives can also talk to you about customizing the course content to fit your individual needs, like displaying a note from the CEO, incorporating your logo or even creating a new course from scratch.

Find out how simple it is to protect your organization. Schedule a time to talk to a Workplace Answers representative to discover which courses are the best fit for your needs.

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