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SLATE™ Learning Management System (LMS)

Automated Completion Tracking with 24/7 Access to Learner Data

SLATE™ LMS is a user-friendly dashboard and reporting tool designed for HR professionals. With a single mouse click, quickly filter your organization’s user profiles, registration and completion data for immediate download.


Advanced Data Filtering

SLATE™ LMS reporting tools make it easy for training administrators to build their own custom queries. Quickly drill down through a single day or a lifetime of program data. See the status by group, location, job title, language, completion rates, and more. Instant insights are available without IT support or knowledge of complex analytical software applications.

Seamless Integration with HCM, HRIS or other Data Management Systems

Our SLATE™ LMS is flexible enough to integrate with a variety of proprietary and off-the-shelf data management systems that corporations already use. Typically, we integrate with a wide variety of human capital management systems including Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP. It’s simple: you supply the business rules and we provision training automatically for employees, based on that criteria. In addition to dynamic hosting through SLATE™, our courses also run on other learning manage- ment systems via SCORM and AICC course formats.

Harassment Training LMS Data Exchange HRIS

Data Exchange

Workplace Answers offers automated system integration with our SLATE™ Learning Managment System (LMS) — fully customizable from both a user and administrative standpoint.

SLATE™ LMS is open to all Human Resource Interaction System (HRIS) platforms, with built-in learner management tools and secure access to training.




Single-Sign-OnOnline Training Single Sign On

Logged into your system (HRIS/webpage/local system), you can use the same credentials for your Workplace Answers’ training.

The SLATE™ LMS features fully customizable portals that allow for Single-Sign-On through any definable means. 

Workplace Answers hosts the training, while authentication may be controlled by the Client’s system.



Learner Login Portals Online Ethics TrainingLearner Login Portal

Our standard portal allows for multi-factor authentication based on specific data you choose, such as employee ID, email address or division. Client-specific branding is built-in with your logo and colors.

Self-Registration Portal
Ideal for contractors or temporary staff training, this portal uses other learner-submitted data to authenticate users without passwords.
Custom Portal
Custom portals can be configured for special security requirements or other program management needs such as directing multiple groups or companies to their courses.

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