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Our subscription pricing model enables you to train all levels of staff: faculty, students, supervisors, administrators and non-supervisory employees, for one flat rate.

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Student Empower

Introducing our new Student courseware: Student Empower. The Student Empower course is designed for all higher education students...

Campus SaVE Act & VAWA

The Campus SaVE Act requires all higher education institutions to receive training on sexual assault, dating and domestic violence...

Title IX Awareness & Prevention

Title IX Policy: Preventing Sex Discrimination and Sexual Violence on Campus While most are aware of Title IX as the sex discrimin...

Campus Harassment/Discrimination

We’re The Top Choice For Campus Discrimination and Harassment Training Colleges and universities have relied on Workplace Answers ...

Campus Sexual Harassment

Specialized Sexual Harassment Training for Campuses We understand that higher education is a different environment than the corpor...

Unlawful Harassment Prevention

Recommended in addition to sexual harassment training, Unlawful Harassment Prevention on Campus covers other types of illegal hara...

Discrimination on Campus

Reduce Campus Discrimination With EEO Training The diversity of today's campus environment and workforce demands tools to deal wit...

Diversity on Campus

Our Diversity Training is a standard course that is designed to be useful to everyone, including those in campus environments. The...


FERPA Training Protects Students’ Privacy The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was enacted in 1974. Administered ...

Bullying Prevention

Stop the Increase of Bullying on Campus with Bullying Prevention Programs The headlines may frighten, but they’re supported by eve...

Child Abuse Prevention

Recent high-profile cases have emphasized the need for all Higher Education employees (whether they are legally-designated mandato...

Data Security for Higher Ed

Managing information effectively is important for an academic institution’s successful operation, but it is also a matter of legal...

Code of Conduct for Higher Ed

Code of Conduct training teaches Higher Education employees their responsibilities to make ethical choices, abide by their school’...

Just for Higher Education - Harassment Training, Diversity Programs, Discrimination Training, and More

Most colleges and universities have written policies that prohibit sexual and other unlawful harassment of staff, faculty, and students. Courts have found that having a policy is not enough; schools must also train their faculty, staff, and even student employees on the key concepts contained in your HR policies. It is important to provide sexual harassment training, unlawful harassment training, discrimination training, child abuse training, diversity programs and more for all administrators, department heads, and supervisors because they are responsible for disseminating and enforcing your policies.

In 2014, the Department of Education will initiate and complete Negotiated Rulemaking for the Campus SaVE Act. If you have questions about the Campus SaVE Act, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section on the Campus SaVE Act.

Why Have Discrimination Training or Harassment Training Specifically for Higher Education?

Because most discrimination training or sexual harassment training courses are geared towards a business environment, they are unable to properly address these issues in the campus environment. Workplace Answers developed training specific to higher education’s many complicated relationships and power structures. These are often ripe for sexual harassment, discrimination, child abuse, bullying or other violations of key laws such as FERPA and Title IX. We have recently added a child abuse training suite to meet with merging mandates stemming from the recent scandals.

Colleges and universities must be hyper-vigilant to prevent unlawful behavior and spot potential issues before they grow into serious problems, particularly since there is the necessity of students working closely under the supervision of faculty and staff. Workplace Answers offers online training courses for the following critical campus compliance topics:

  • Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention (VAWA/Campus SaVE Act) for Colleges and      Universities
  • Unlawful Harassment Training Suite for Colleges and Universities
  • Sexual Harassment Training Suite for Colleges and Universities
  • Discrimination Training Suite for Colleges and Universities
  • Child Abuse Training Suite for Colleges and Universities
  • Diversity Programs Training Suite for Colleges and Universities
  • Title IX Awareness & Violence Prevention Training Suite for Colleges and Universities
  • FERPA Training for Colleges and Universities
  • Bullying Prevention Training Suite for Colleges and Universities
  • Data Security for Higher Education Training for Colleges and Universities

It is best practice that higher education institutions provide training on all of the topics above to ensure full compliance and to reduce the risk of a lawsuit as much as possible. We recommend that, at minimum, colleges and universities provide Campus SaVE Act/VAWA Training, Sexual Harassment Training, Unlawful Harassment Training, Discrimination Training, Child Abuse Training and Diversity Programs for all faculty, staff and student employees.


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